The Australian Seed Federation (ASF) is the peak industry body for the Australian seed industry at the local, state, national and international level.

The ASF also represents its members internationally, as a member of the International Seed Federation (ISF) and the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA).

The ASF strives to deliver Leadership, Advocacy, Adaptation and Solutions on key issues including climate change adaptation, world food security, technological developments, trade, and the growth in productivity of Australian and international agriculture, through the delivery and supply of new and improved commodities and services to the market.

ASF Vision

To maintain and protect the interests of ASF members and to increase the prosperity of members through superior leadership and management of issues critical to the Australian seed industry.

ASF Mission

To serve its members through the creation of a commercial and fair operating environment.

ASF Values

  1. Have Respect and Integrity
  2. Be Consultative, Responsive and to Deliver Outcomes
  3. Have Effective Advocacy
  4. Be Sustainable

ASF Board of Directors

President (Mr Michael Leader)

Vice President (Mr Tim Pepper)

Vice President (Ms Rowena Petrie)

Immediate Past President (Mr Steve Brill)

ASF Policy Council

Mr Brent Scott (Chair of the Northern Region)

Mr James Whiteley (Chair of the Eastern Region)

Mr Ashley Fraser (Chair of the South Eastern Region)

Mr Craig Myall (Chair of the Southern Region)

Vacant – TBA (Chair of the Western Region)

ASF Working Groups

Horticulture Working Group (Mr Jamie Roylance)

Science & Technology Working Group (Mr Peter Johnson)

Supply Working Group (Mr Anthony Black)

Market Access Working Group (TBA)

Communication Working Group (TBA)

Turf and Lawn Seed Working Group (Mr Mick Ahearn)

Temperate Grass Seed Producers Group (Mr Robert Mizzeni)

ASF Core Values

Establish external and internal processes to ensure the financial sustainability, and business ethics of its operations into the future;

Harness and improve communication, advocacy and debate amongst its members and key stakeholders; and

Evolve to develop the appropriate internal flexibility and mechanisms to advocate and engage in policy formation, delivery and membership services.

ASF Contacts

Mr Bill Fuller
Chief Executive Officer

Ms Alysha Lockley
Business Services Manager

For more information please contact the Australian Seed Federation on 02 6282 6822 or enquiry@asf.asn.au.

ASF Core Purposes

Develop sound corporate support and partnership to assist with the financial resources of operating the ASF;

Improve the effectiveness of ASF representation and to provide superior membership services and advocacy; and

Establish itself as a key stakeholder in agriculture productivity, and climate change adaptation and solutions.

Position Statement

– Biotechnology

The ASF supports choice in relation to crop biotechnology provided that the choice is based on sound science and respects the rights of others to also choose.