Australian National Turfgrass Evaluation Program is a joint program formed in 1997 by member companies of the Australian Seed Federation and Turf and Lawn Seed Group who together coordinates uniform and independent evaluation trials of turfgrass varieties.

There are multitude turfgrass varieties available in the Australian turf-market and very limited Australian testing has been done. Due to the limiting testing in Australia, managers generally have to make choices based on overseas data or very limited local field trials resulting in using inferior varieties for their particular situation.

As an initial step it was decided to evaluate perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) as it is the largest market for the seed companies involved. The aims of ANTEP – Perennial Ryegrass trial are to:

  1. Evaluate a range of turf-type perennial ryegrass varieties under uniform maintenance practices and assessment criteria.
  2. Compile a recognized list of varieties, which indicates a varieties relative position amongst its peers in respect to the characters assessed.
  3. Provide turf managers with sufficient background information so that they can make informed decisions on selecting the most appropriate variety for their specific conditions.

The ANTEP – Perennial Ryegrass trial is now completed with fifty-six ryegrass varieties evaluated for a two and a half-year period under two mowing heights at Werribee Park Golf Club and at Keysborough Golf Club in Melbourne.

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