Australian National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (ANTEP) was  formed in 1997 by member companies of the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) who were active in the Turf and Lawn Seed market in Australia.

It was identified by the Turf & Lawn Seed Group that insufficient independent varietal testing of turf material had been carried out in Australia leaving turf managers to evaluate their seed selection primarily off USA data.

Some 20 years on the ASF Turf & Lawn Seed Group is embarking on the launch of ANTEP 5 following successful trials of perennial ryegrass, tall fescue & Bermuda couch.

It has been approximately 5  years since the last ANTEP trial and the group believe that sufficient new material, market changes and requirements make it the right time to proceed with ANTEP 5.

This new trial will evaluate traits such as colour, density, seasonal growth, wear tolerance and spring transition.

The species trialled will be decided via a survey to the membership and discussion from members of the Turf & Lawn Seed Group.

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