Submissions & Reports


Submission | Pre-Budget Submission 2024-2025

January 2024  Click here


Submission | Biosecurity Protection Levy

October 2023  Click here

Submission | Biosecurity CRIS Proposed changes to biosecurity fees and charges

April 2023  Click here

Submission | Plant Breeder’s Rights University of Queensland independent research reports

April 2023  Click here


Report | Assessment of the sales volume and value of the Australian pasture seed industry

February 2022  Click here

Submission | A proposal to include dealings with GM Canola on the GMO Register

March 2022  Click here

Submission | Draft Tasmanian Biosecurity Regulations 2022

May 2022  Click here


Submission | Pre-Budget 2020-21

February 2020  Click here


Submission | Cost Recovery Proposals for Food and Plant Export Certifications

December 2019  Click here

Submission | Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the National Gene Technology Scheme: Phase 1

November 2019  Click here

Submission | Genetically Modified Food Crops Moratorium in South Australia

September 2019  Click here

Submission | Review of Tasmanian GM Moratorium

April 2019  Click here

Submission | Tasmania’s Draft Biosecurity Bill 2019

February 2019  Click here

Submission | Pre-Budget 2019-20

February 2019  Click here


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