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ASF Learning Hub

Welcome to the Australian Seed Federation Learning Hub. From here you can enrol to the ASF Seed Industry Professional program and continue growing your skills and knowledge of the seed industry.

Once enrolled into the ASF Seed Industry PD program you will be given access to the ASF E-learning platform and the ASF PD platform.


How does it work?

Once enrolled, participants will be provided with access to the ASF E-learning platform and the ASF PD platform, from there you can:

  1. Undertake foundation e-learning modules.
  2. Purchase from our range of e-learning short courses.
  3. Earn digital badges and certificates recognising learning and industry engagement.
  4. Track your learning and engagement progress.

Take a look through the information brochure for program details: ASF Seed Industry Professional Program – Information Brochure

Enrolment Options


Enrol to the ASF Seed Industry Professional program and be recognised for your learning and involvement in the seed industry.

  • Access to the ASF E-learning platform
  • Access to the ASF PD Platform
  • Learner support
  • PD points and progress tracking
  • Annual Subscription – $295



If you are looking to enrol your team into the Seed Industry Professional program look no further. Benefits to team enrolment include team progress tracking and corporate pricing. We will provide each user with their own accounts to undertake learning at their own pace, while providing team progress tracking to designated managers or HR.

  • User access to the ASF E-learning platform
  • User access to the ASF PD Platform
  • Learner support
  • PD points and progress tracking
  • Team progress tracking
  • Annual Subscription – Corporate pricing available – contact for details



Seed Industry Professional Program & the ASF PD Platform

The ASF Seed Industry Professional Program provides seed industry professionals a platform to earn recognition of learning, industry involvement and engagement.

Participants will be able to earn digital badges & PD points on the ASF PD platform, working towards an industry recognised accreditation as a Seed Industry Professional.

Take a look at the list of the various ways you can earn PD points towards your accreditation:

  • Enrolling to the program
  • Completing E-learning short courses
  • Attending and undertaking Seed Business training & leadership events
  • ASF industry leadership recognition – Holding Working Group & Regional Group Executive positions
  • ASF industry engagement recognition –  Attendance and involvement in ASF meetings & projects


ASF E-learning platform

The Australian Seed Federation e-learning platform offers easy-to-use, cost-effective, quality online professional learning resources for professionals working in the seed industry. It provides interactive online learning modules that include video and written resources to help seed industry professionals gain a thorough and practical understanding of a range of industry related topics.

Hosted on a professional Learning Management System (LMS), we blend proven learning principles and best practice with interactivity to create an effective online training experience.

The ASF E-learning platform gives you on-demand access to credible, curated, and convenient online training courses, allowing you to learn continuously anytime, anywhere.

  • On demand content: You choose when and where you learn.
  • Self-paced learning: You can complete the course/s as fast or as slow as you like.
  • Enhance your knowledge: Improve your knowledge about the seed industry.
  • Purchase on the platform: Only pay for modules you would like to undertake.